Even when you can’t carry a baby to term, you can still have one

The reasons for surrogacy are many, and choosing to use a gestational carrier will require a great deal of study and understanding on your part. Surrogacy may allow a couple to have a child of their own when carrying a pregnancy to term is not a possibility. For many couples it allows a successful delivery that otherwise would not be possible.

As surrogate parents, even though you are not actually carrying the child, you will be fully involved in all phases of the process so that you are always an active part of the pregnancy.

We can provide you with information on how to identify and contract with a gestational carrier. Once you have chosen your surrogate, we will evaluate that person’s suitability and perform a medical history, physical examination, and appropriate testing. We will also perform egg retrieval and fertilization using your eggs and/or sperm or donor-provided eggs and/or sperm and will perform embryo transfer.

If you would like to discuss surrogacy as an option, please contact us. We are available to sit down and talk with you about how surrogacy may help you create your family.